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Karen marshall


Karen builds genuine connections which client's take home.  It starts with detailed consultation and skin analysis, thorough expert treatments, focused prescriptive home care, and access to Karen from your home.  Karen consults with out of area clients, and ships Thalgo Skin and Body Care all over the US.

Powerful Holistic Facials


Since the 1960's Thalgo has been the global leader in Marine Skin Care.  I have trained and worked with many global prestige brands and still Thalgo is my Spa or at home spa passion.  After close to 30 years with Thalgo I now refer to my approach as  a 'skin care chef'.  Thalgo has been my go to product since I first dreamt of building a luxury spa, and my loyalty to Thalgo remains.  I have never seen Thalgo fail, not once, Thalgo is focused and results driven and the home care lines are as impressive.  The key to a client's home care success is great skin care, the experience and knowledge during a client's skin analysis, carefully listening to clients and selecting the appropriate treatment and home care is key.  

THALGO MARINE FACIAL $80* - $300            Varying levels of product intensity, and holistic treatment times are available, Thalgo Facial Treatments are specifically tailored to your Treatment Prescription. 

PCA FACIAL PEELS |  $80* - $270               PCA is the Global Gold standard in safe Physician Formula Skin Peeling.  No down time or ugly thick shedding,  Consultation, Pre and Post Peel kits are necessary and a condition of the service.  Peel layer options, peel depth of layers are assessed and offered during the service.

Advanced Infusion Facials


This incredibly deep infusion treatment was developed in Australia, where hydration is the no 1 skin and body goal, the same can be said in the mountains where skin is constantly dry and dehydrated if the appropriate home care is not maintained.   The oxygen component of this treatment is broadly health beneficial, but the hyperbaric psi intensity delivers lightweight medical grade suspensions deeply into the skin,  you will see and instantly feel the most pleasing hydration, smoothing and lifting results.  The term 'Hydra' is thrown about so much these days to sell a new treatment, but nothing I have seen comes close to INTRACEUTICALS.  I am very skilled at back engineering the latest fad, so when a client arrives asking for 'Hydra whatchumacallit'. I tell clients what I can offer and they always leave ecstatic.


INTRACEUTICALS Oxygen. Instant hydration, wrinkle smoothing and line erasion.

CRYSTAL CLEAR Aluminum Oxide Crystal Microdermabrassion intense crystal exfoliation with lymphatic drainage

DIAMOND TOOL Microdermabrassion intense crystal exfoliation.

 i THALGO Prescription Tech Facial, exfoliating, hydrating, draining, clarifying, anti-ageing, anti-bacterial, with marine mask.

Technical Electro Facials


CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetic Instrument), is unmatched in the field of Micro-Current Technology.  The CACI Tsunami Waveform was created by an American genius Clinical Researcher Doctor, he was working on treatments for facial paralysis, his discovery was rejected in the US, but jumped on by a savvy UK lawyer / marketer, this Brit had the smarts to invite  Princess Diana to try CACI, she was won over with not seen before or since facial lifting and contouring.  30 years on CACI is the go to facial for A list stars, and those looking for what is known as the 'Non Surgical Facelift. 


CACI Non Surgical Face Lifting - Tightens surface muscle, lifts, plumps and smooths.  CACI is recommended in courses of 6 - 12 for rehabilitation results, and monthly for maintenance.  Treatments can focus on face, eyes, neck and décolletage, and can be tailored to your specific needs or request.

BROW & LASH TINTING  $35 - $80 Allergy test always required!