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Karen Marshall

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Hello I am Karen Marshall

I have been a spa therapist for almost 30 years. In the UK my profession is titled 'Beauty Therapist', I am formally qualified in Spa Management and Spa Therapies, basically I am an all round spa therapist trained in the most basic to advanced esthetics and the full spectrum of bodywork, everything you expect at quality spa, but these days I focus on my Holistic skills, Facials and Reflexology, there are occasions where I will add a pedicure, waxing or massage services, but that is now only for established facial clients. I NO LONGER BOOK STAND ALONE SMALL TREATMENTS.

I know my way around a spa. It all started with exercise! I was a qualified fitness instructor in my 20's, it was a hobby running alongside my then successful media career, I taught many classes each week and enjoyed a big following. I soon realized my path was in the wellness industry,  I started to save my big income and then without hesitation I gave up my media career to attend Clarendon College, Nottingham, in the 90's the UK's top spa therapist college. Later aged 41 I moved to Telluride, and once my son was toddling started again. I had an established name and huge following in England, but here in Telluride I was an unknown solo practitioner among rows of flashy spas and cliquey locals! It took a minute but my skills began to stand out among discerning clients, and this is where my time continues to be spent, I work with second home owners and visitors. I often hear 'the best I've ever experienced' and 'why aren't you on TV', all lovingly given and received compliments, but I'm here in Telluride and at 58 I just don't want that level of pressure, lets say 'I've been there done that'!.  

I am focused on quality. I back engineer whatever the latest facial fad is, it's never new, it's just a new lid and marketing spin on an existing old idea! I do not run a conveyor belt of superficial services, I have time for you, and this is why I have few openings for new clients. I am detailed and have elevated skills with real experience. I only work with the highest quality products, my technique is a combination of all that I learned over 30 years, from college to training with premium luxury global skin and body care brands. My hands on esthetics or body work blends well with my clairsentient - cognizant and audient gifts, nothing is pushed, if you ask I will tell!

As with every Telluride story, the San Juans drew me here. My reviews, certificates and portfolio tell the story of my character and professionalism.  I am now 58,  you see me right 9/23/2023. It took nearly 3 years but the hair dye is gone, my platinum blonde is growing in, I'm all natural, no surgery yet, but I feel ready for an upper/lower eye edit, I am complimented often but it's just good sun/skin care, CACI and INTRACEUTICALS and 1% East Asian dna, aka more collagen!.

I have limited space on my client list, so few openings as I split my time, between spa clients and my altitude oxygen business. Please plan to  schedule ahead. I no longer schedule stand alone small treatments, if you are scheduled for facial or body treatments, I am able to add small treatments such as waxing, pedicures, basic manicures, brows and/or lash tinting (tint test always required) etc.

Call | Text 970 708 7424 to schedule with Karen.  I do not answer this phone unless a client name appears. This is to avoid spam calls. I always call or text back. Please review my services and fees before you call.  I do not offer extended phone consultations.

Fees: plus 20% Gratuity,  plus 3.75% when credit card is used.

48 Hours Notice to Cancel or Full Fee Charged - no exceptions.