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Karen Marshall

Healthy Glow Face & Body llc Telluride 

Karen Marshall

Master Esthetician, Body Work, IIR Reflexologist & Makeup Artist.

Hello I'm Karen,                                                                                                     I have been a successful Spa Professional since the early 90's.  I trained and qualified in England at the UK's top Spa Management & Therapy College 'Clarendon', after I have worked hard and studied further to earn my elevated spa master status.  Before my move into Spa I was a successful media executive with an exercise addiction, which became a successful side gig, I qualified in whatever exercise fad ruled and eventually quit my successful media career.  Almost 30 years later,  lycra retired, having built a wealth of Esthetics, Body, Health and Wellness experience I've got this, my certificates date my longevity.  When I started college I was already a customer service expert, this along with qualifications and experience as a Fitness Professional, and having built a few homes, and setting up a spa suite in my dining room to work through college, allowed me, upon graduation to hit the ground running, and open my first main street Spa first an 1000 sq ft spot, and then I built a 3500 sq ft spa from ground up, it was my pride and joy, but I soon learned I did not enjoy managing people, it stole my spa joy.  My journey in photographs is heartwarming to reflect on, and along my path I have earned a quality professional reputation through my personal standards, work ethic and the expertise learned from Europe's most prestigious skin, body and cosmetic companies - Clarins, Decleor, Sothy's, Murad, Thalgo, Tisserand, Dermalogica and others.  Here in Telluride I still work with my 'go to product line' Thalgo, it's been a long relationship, and once again I work alone just me in my calm suite, a place without add on gimmicks.  I bring real skill delighting my clients, mine is not the resort conveyor belt 'fluff' experience!  View my services and/or give me a call, you will quickly assess my credibility and dodge smoke and mirror spa websites.  Read my client reviews, they are genuine and span many years.  My skill set is broad, but my passion is skin and no skin type is too challenging.  I approach your skin care and/or rehabilitation from the position of having seen and treated many skin types.  You benefit from my superior industry training and the best in spa and home care products available.  Telluride is a far off tourist town, visitors often lower their expectations of what they will find here, the shock of the most discerning and well informed client discovering my service list never gets old, many are blown away by my skill set and quality product selection.  Please call to schedule. 

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