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Karen marshall

Massage, Bodywork & Reflexology Expert

Karen is a British Trained and Internationally Qualified multi skilled Massage Therapist, Holistic and Advanced Bodyworker.  Offering Sports, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy, Advanced Bodywork Technology and Body Esthetics.  Karen is Clarins, Decleor, Dermalogica and Thalgo Body Spa Therapy trained.  Karen is an International Institute of Reflexology Trained and Certified Practitioner, offering clinical and relaxing Reflexology sessions.  Karen schedules one Body Therapy client daily, this is to maintain integrity of healing and quality service, while preserving Karen's physical energy for the best bodywork experience a client could have!
$225 per hour. Add on services are quoted during consultation.
Client's typically add 20% Gratuity.
I am not just out of college or cycling through spas as a transient worker, I have approaching 30 years experience in the spa industry, which started with training and graduation from one of the UK's Top Spa Institutes, I continued my education achieving formal International certificates in Aromatherapy, Sports Massage and Reflexology.  Additionally during my long career I have trained and certified with leading European global skin and body care brands whose bespoke techniques are reflected in my approach to your individual treatment.  

Cold Therapy Body Esthetics


This is known as the 'party panic wrap', it achieves fast results but be warned it is cold, it causes vaso constriction and vaso dilation to tighten and tone tissue rapidly.  This treatment includes localized skin exfoliation, static barrier relaxation, slimming wrap and toning/slimming skin finishing.  Advanced body therapy can be combined with this service.   As with all body programs, results are achieved and maintained with commitment, frequency and discipline. 

Holistic Body Work


Relaxing Body Esthetics